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Guided tours OF THE FAIrmont Château Frontenac

Cicerone Toursand the Fairmont Château Frontenac are very proud to announce the return of guided tours of the Château Frontenac! The renewed tours will be featuring famous people who shaped the identity of the Château Frontenac over the years and will allow visitors to appreciate both the rich history of this iconic hotel, the “vie de Château” and its great moments, and the facelift of the hotel undergone overrecent years. Book now!


On December 3 1985, UNESCO inscribed the Old Quebec on its prestigious World Heritage List, as it constitutes a remarkable example of a fortified colonial city. Our guides, embodying authentic characters of New France, are always happy to share their passion and secrets about this city both romantic and welcoming, but above all; historic! Let yourself be charmed by one of our guided tours and you will be amazed by all the riches of this sometimes overlooked world heritage site.

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By sharing our passion for this World Heritage jewel, we wish to bring more visitors to discover the rich heritage and singularly inspiring experience this region has to offer.

Our services are accessible, sustainable and of uncompromising quality. We focus our every effort on making your stay a truly memorable experience. We deeply and sincerely wish to see you return to Québec City…

Learn about our services addressing individuals and families, student and adult groups, as well as corporate and business clientele. We are confident we can contribute to make your stay in the Quebec City region a unique and unforgettable experience!

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