Tours guidés dans la ville de Québec

About us

Mission and Goals

We have been proud representatives of Québec City within the tourist industry since 2007. By sharing our passion for this World Heritage jewel, we wish to bring more visitors to discover the rich heritage and singularly inspiring experience this region has to offer.

Our guide and tour services are accessible, sustainable and of uncompromising quality. We focus our every effort on making visitors' stay a truly memorable experience. We deeply and sincerely wish to see them return to Québec City… Please share your comments with us.


Marcus Tillius Cicero, an outstanding orator born in Italy in 106 B.C., is widely recognized as the symbol for Classic Latin expression. Following his Law and Philosophy studies, this committed lawyer battles corruption and represents a third political option known as that of the “Good Man”. This famous Epicurian and esteemed thinker known as Father of the Homeland serves as our model and provides us with daily inspiration in our business vision.

CICERONE noun. [Italian from Latin Ciceron-] : A guide who understands and explains antiquities, etc. (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 2002)

The word cicerone, accepted in all Latin languages as well as in English, refers to the wordiness of Italian guides. This is why it corresponds to our profile, we have so much to share!

Our Team

CICERONE’s team is made up of highly experienced tourism industry professionals who have worked with a wide range of clients. We take great pride in our outstanding professionalism, dedication and excellent customer service. You can count on our dynamic and passionate team of experts for all your tourism needs!

Marc Duchesne, owner

Marc Duchesne, ownerAs I was only 17, I got bitten by the bug of travel after I took part in a school exchange in Switzerland. This one-year experience literally changed my life. Upon my return, I started spending all my savings to travel summer after summer, to the point that I got completely broke and could no longer afford to travel any further. Then, I had the brilliant idea to get a job in tourism. I thought working with visitors from all over would allow me to travel through them, while here! Guess what? I was right! As a result, I became passionate about people, cultural exchanges, and the beautiful Quebec Region, which is so easy to sell and promote.

After representing Canada in Switzerland and Germany for several months, I really started in this field as a tourist information agent in Quebec City, even though I had become a licensed Quebec City guide since 1995. Down the road, I was fortunate enough to live countless adventures and meet extraordinary people as I worked as a tour guide throughout Quebec, Ontario, the U.S. East Coast and even France. Through all those trips and tours, I made some great friends and memories and let me tell you that to this day, I still haven’t had enough! Over time, I also worked at various international and business meetings and events, I taught tourism and business management at local colleges, and so on. No matter what the job is, I’ve always put in everything I had and neither colleagues, nor clients were ever disappointed up until now.

The bottom line is that all those unique experiences made me a better person. Not only have I learned to adapt to just any situation and to deal with all types of clientele, but I’ve also acquired some very useful language skills in French, English, Spanish and German. My education background in international studies and business management certainly is an asset as well, which combined with my experience certainly contributed to a wide extent to shape my vision of business. But the real secret remains to put in everything you’ve got from your heart and soul.

Overall in my career, I've often been told that my passion for what I do is obvious. Every time, my answer to this has been that when you do what you like and get to work in such a rich environment as this wonderful Quebec Region, it turns out very easy! So here’s my proposal: Come and join me for a thrilling adventure in the beautiful Quebec City, I promise you won’t regret the memorable times we’ll share together!


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